Get More Search Engine Traffic By Working Less

By admin | Jul 3, 2008

With the seemingly ever frantic approaches to get more search engine traffic, it may seem strange to suggest that a solution actually might be work less on your site rather than more, but it might not be as crazy as it first appears…

You may have guessed that I am not saying you should forget about setting up your site correctly for seo purposes.

It’s important to pay attention to items like proper html coding site maps and a linking strategy.

You should always take care of these factors for long term search engine results, so called organic traffic.

What I am saying though, is that it may be possible to get a traffic generating vehicle to a better ranking than your actual site.

Let me explain.

One example is by using articles. Google particularly likes certain article websites, examples being ezinearticles, goarticles and searchwarp, and spiders them daily. Articles on these sites are quite capable of getting page 1 rankings, and within as little as a few days.

That’s not marketing hype or exaggeration, it’s well documented fact.

You do need to pick your keyword phrase correctly, but if you do so, and write a well constructed article submitted to a site like the ones mentioned above, it’s quite possible that your article will get a good search engine ranking.

People searching your phrase will see the article, and click on the link at the bottom to get to your site.

Yes, they do have to get over one extra hurdle in that they need to read to the bottom of the article and click on your site, but if you’ve composed your article correctly with genuine content, they will.

Another great traffic generator which you can use in the search engines is the blog.

Blogs are great for being able to immediately post and publish your content.

You can build a following of people who want to hear what you say, and will pass your blog details around the web. Publishing feeds allow other websites to use your content - great exposure without you lifting a finger once you’ve made the post.

This in turn can mean that your blog gets better rankings than your actual site.

This is not a problem, in fact it’s what I am talking about, using the blog to get good rankings, and then generating the traffic *via* that blog to your site.

Unlike articles, you also have more control over the blogs layout, so can monetize it as a by product of it generating traffic.

Another way to use blogs is to take advantage of other peoples’s blogs.

If they have a good ranking for your keyword phrase, leaving a comment and link to your site will not only help your own site’s rankings, it will get you traffic from the visitors that read the other blog, as they are by default interested in the subject matter.

So you can see, sometimes it helps to use specific traffic generators away from your site to get more search engine traffic.

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