Perpetual Traffic Formula Bonus And Review

By admin | Jul 27, 2010

Get more info on the best Perpetual Traffic Formula Bonus and a full Perpetual Traffic Formula Review to see if Perpetual Traffic Formula is right for you.

Ryan Deiss is responsible for generating millions of dollars in sales online every single year. And Ryan himself says “My team and I have spent 18 months devising and back-testing the only system in the World that can produces FREE organic traffic from Google on demand.”

It looks like Perpetual Traffic Formula is going to be huge, and likely to sell out fast if he decides to put a limit on it, as so many of the gurus do for their launches.

The Perpetual Traffic Formula Report

In this report, Ryan Deiss will share with you his Google ranking triad that will show you how to get a ton of website traffic for free.

At one stage in Google’s past, backlinks were king, meaning that the site with the most backlinks would rank on top.

Because marketers knew about this, the technique was heavily used in order to articficially increase search engine rankings - so Google had to come up with a new method of ranking.

During this period, content became ever more important and backlinks alone were no longer enough to get you on to the first page - your site also had to have relevant content (and the more, the better).

But again, thanks to scraping and spinning procedures, marketers soon found a way to mass produce content for their sites automatically, and combined with backlinking procedures, were able to rank their sites highly again.

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The Cherry Picker Software

The Cherry Picker software program is a simple application that is ideal for free market research. It allows you to easily see the competition for any particular keyword you choose.

The Authority Codes

The Authoriy Codes is a compilation of different Google ’searches’ that users can perform in order to locate different types of high authority backlinks i.e. like the ones from .edu and .gov sites. These sites are trusted by Google, and so links from these sites carry much more weight than links from non-authority sites.

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